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Name:Hades' Phoenix
Birthdate:Mar 20, 1988

This journal is purely for fanfiction, original fiction, and artsy things. My full pseudonym is Hades' Phoenix and has been for years (pfff, hush, everything's dramatic when you're in middle school). I'm American and currently working on my master's degree in the UK.

Unless otherwise stated, characters and their affiliated canon belong to their respective creators.

1. The (mostly) complete list is over here on LJ.
2. General warning for sexuality, torture and whumpage, crack, potentially delicate issues, and adult themes. Just, y'know, heed the warnings I add to every post if you think it's going to be a problem.

1. Have at it, though nothing is ever actually flocked. (I think flocking fic is annoying, and someone underage can just as easily lie in a friending request anyway.)
2. My LJ has exactly the same fics, but posts about RL are thrown in too. I know you're all thrilled to hear the sordid details of my life. The difference between the two journals is like a properly organized library versus my desk during the weekend before a major research paper is due.

1. LiveJournal.
2. FF.Net profile.
3. deviantART (as LucemFerre).
4. Fandom recs on delicious.

Downloads (all zipped folders with PDFs).
1. Some general articles and encyclopedias on mythology and folklore.
2. Alchemy (Chinese and Western; histories, theory, practical applications, etc).

Interests (150):

1x2, 1x2x5, 2x5, academic circle-jerk, aeris/tifa, always five o'clock somewhere, anarchism, anatomy, angels, angelslash, antichrist, antiques, armchair psychology, art, bacon-flavored lube, because the voices told me to, bibleslash, bipolar disorder, bisexuality, black lipstick is so high school, blasphemy, california, calligraphy, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, damask, demons, devils, dissection, dogs, drawing, dreams, emotionally stunted, everything but the kitchen sink, fanfiction, femmeslash, ff7, ff8, fic, fight the fairies, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, fire, forensic pathology, freshly sharpened pencils, fuck yeah books, fuck yeah coffee, fuck yeah mustard, fuck yeah prescription medication, fuck yeah satan, fuck yeah tattoos, fuck yeah wolves, fuck you anne rice, fuck you i'm a dragon, fuck you twilight, gaeilge, gargoyles, genealogy, graveyards, gundam wing, guns, gw, halloween, holmes/watson, horror movies, hot showers, how much bullshit can i spew in this, i don't have a fucking anger problem, i get a's without studying, i have a degree in bullshit, i need more goddamn tattoos, i'm a liberal and i like weapons, i'm an aries and that explains a lot, i'm going to special hell, ireland, it's not rape if they're dead, jesus/lucifer, keys, knives, latin, leather jackets, like a thousand-dollar whore, locks, lol philosophy, lol too many tags, lucifer, martial arts, movies, my handwriting is better than yours, my mom used to say she found me under a rock, my steak still mooing, neil gaiman, neo-paganism, nightmares, no really i find you fascinating, non providentia sed victoria, occult, ot4, ot5, painting, pansexuality, paradise lost, piercings, pocketwatches, pop-culture references, porn, pyromania, quoting along with movies like a douche, raphael/asmodeus, reading, recovering harry potter addict, red lipstick, red meat, redwoods, religion, religious studies, rock 'n roll, rosaries, sam/dean, sandman, santa cruz, satan, saturday mornings, sephiroth/cloud, setting shit on fire, sex is a beautiful human activity, shamanism, sherlock holmes, slash, spirituality, spn, supernatural, tarot is not a carrot, tattoos, the sinner's prayer, theology, they see me rollin', troll irl, vampires, victoriana, watching you sleep at night, we little sisters are fucking awesome, wincest, wolves, writing, yaoi, you're just jealous, you're not the boss of me, zombies
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